Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Photo of me and two of my quilts

Here's a photo of me taken twelve months ago at the opening of my art exhibition in Elounda, standing in front of two of my quilts. The larger Trip Around the World is entitled A Cloak for Hera and the smaller Cathedral Windows is called 'Klimt'. I'm working on a wall hanging which I promised my son ages ago, called 'Cloak for a Greek Hero' - as I wanted to keep the Greek theme for my wall hangings. I am also (as per previous post) trying to find time to start planning an exhibition piece for the Touch Festival in Aghios Nikolaos in September this year - maybe once my exhibition is over this month I will have more time.


  1. I love cathedral windows quilts they're a great way to use up those tiny scraps. I would love to do a Klimt themed quilt.

  2. I bought the fabrics from FG ages ago. They are probably discontinued now, but they were wonderful with vibrant colours and metallic highlights. I'd like to make a cloak like the one in The Kiss, but where would I wear it?