Friday, 24 July 2009

Maria's loom

For those of us interested in crafts of all types, here is a photo of one of my neighbours, Maria, who still has a loom set up in her back room. She showed me examples of her weaving and was kind enough to show e how the loom works. I have an old loom at the house at Houmeriakos and maybe one day I will be able to set it up and even use it.

View from the roof terrace

Guests who came to the house last week were kind enough to send me this great photo of the view from the roof terrace. Absolutely lovely.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Back to work

A combination of exhaustion after the exhibition and a run of really high temperatures, has caused me to neglect the website and blogs for a few weeks. However, a slight drop in temperatures and a brisk north wind have put me back on track - at least for a few days. The temperature is apparently set to soar again on Sunday. There have been some lovely people in the house and tomorrow a young couple who booked last year are returning for another ten days, so I am looking forward to welcoming them back. It's Jenny Moody's talk on Saturday and everything seems to be in place for that (I hope). It will, I think, get easier, the more of these events we organise and we can iron out a few remaining glitches. I have some great photos from the last couple of months, which I will post shortly, but of course, during the hot dry season there aren't too many flowers to photograph.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Autumn Bulb finding trip in October

There is still time to book a place on the Autumn Bulb Finding Trip in October which cover many of the hot spots of the island and will discover wonderful wild and endemic flowers of the island, such as Biarum davisii sp. davisii, Narcissus serotinus, Crocus oreocreticus, Cyclamen graecum and much more. For more details and a full itinerary check out the trips section on the website or get in touch direct.

Art courses in Crete

Painting and Drawing Flowers

I have been asked by several people whether I would run a drawing and painting workshop here in Crete next year. The answer is that if there is enough interest, then yes I would be happy to. Please get in touch if you would like more information.