Thursday, 23 July 2009

Back to work

A combination of exhaustion after the exhibition and a run of really high temperatures, has caused me to neglect the website and blogs for a few weeks. However, a slight drop in temperatures and a brisk north wind have put me back on track - at least for a few days. The temperature is apparently set to soar again on Sunday. There have been some lovely people in the house and tomorrow a young couple who booked last year are returning for another ten days, so I am looking forward to welcoming them back. It's Jenny Moody's talk on Saturday and everything seems to be in place for that (I hope). It will, I think, get easier, the more of these events we organise and we can iron out a few remaining glitches. I have some great photos from the last couple of months, which I will post shortly, but of course, during the hot dry season there aren't too many flowers to photograph.

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