Monday, 1 June 2009

Flowers of Crete Wish List

Thanks to donations from friends in the UK and Finland, Flowers of Crete is now able to purchase a reflector for taking photos of flowers on dull or overly bright days. This item has been on the Flowers of Crete wishlist for some time and we are really grateful for their contributions which have made this possible.

Items on the wishlist inlude

A Professional copy of Google Earth
Macro lens for Nikon camera
Copy of Flora Europeae covering Greece
Archive quality inks for printer
Translator into Greek and German

There are many other items that would help to make our work more professional and efficient, if you would like to know more, please contact Julia or Rosemary.

We are terrifically grateful to everyone who supports us in so many ways. Flowers of Crete is going from strength to strength and we are helping to record previously lost or even new species on the island.


  1. At Last! I was able to post a comment, whooppee!!!

  2. Hi Jen. Thank goodness I've sorted it! Thanks for your comments. Julia

  3. Hello
    thanks for comment regarding drying herbs etc. Yes, I'm very wary about some but I have got the chamomile right. I picked it a few weeks ago on a walk above here.

  4. Jude, Please make sure. I've spoken to Rosemary and we are not sure that true Chamomile grows on Crete. If it is Anthemis it is a totally different species. Don't want you to be ill!!!I'll check in Nick Turland's Annotated Check List of the Cretan Area. Chamomile doesn't appear in Flowers of Crete or any of the other reference books I've got. It could, of course, be an escapee, in which case it will be fine.