Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tea with Rosemary

I popped down to see Rosemary in Elounda this morning and we spent a happy hour discussing flowers, including this little yellow Linum - maybe L. arboreum. It was growing on quite a steep cliff wall, which I had clambered up, while Rosemary and Steve walked further into the gorge to find a variety of interesting plants, including O. dictamnus (Cretan dittany), which I have only seen growing in the wild once before. This plant is on the Greek Red List of Endangered Species and I am determined I am going to struggle over the boulders and into the gorge to see it for myself. O. dictamnus flowers in July/August - so I hope to be posting images sometime then.

The image on the right is, I'm afraid, a little out of focus. I was balanced precariously on a cliff face and the wind was quite strong. Will try again next time we go up!


  1. Which gorge were you in?
    I've yet to see some dittany. I want to dry some for tea.
    Have to admit the plateau was much cooler than down here, phew!!
    One piece of advice, any important questions or advice for anybody who has sent you a comment, it's best to put into a comment (or email) on their blog because sometimes they don't come back to look for answer, make sense?? I'm just plain nosey..

  2. Hi Jude, No idea which gorge it was way out in the wilderness. I just followed Steve on his motorbike. I don't think there was enough to gather and it's protected anyway, but I am sure you could buy some leaves from Sakis at BioAroma - he has loads of it growing outside the essential oils factory. Or you could buy it ready dried from him. Its organic and very reasonably priced. He is also doing Dittany Essential Oil. Enough of the plug for Sakis!!! Will put this comment on your blog if I can work out how to do it.

  3. I find it's easier to reply on the email you get every time someone leaves a comment. That way they all get a reply from you. Just make sure you look at the email account you gave as the contact on your blog!